What fears or concerns did you have at the beginning of your meeting at Labl?
Before I met with Elizabeth, I had contacted another seamstress who was very well-reviews, but who told me on the phone that it would be impossible for her or anyone to perform the required alterations to my dress in time for the wedding (although the dress came almost 6 weeks before the wedding). I had already decided not to go with my bridal store’s recommended seamstresses due to poor reviews. I was told that I would have a lot of problems and there was nothing that could be done. I was very concerned that I wouldn’t be able to find a seamstress who could do the work well, and on time.

Labl Experience: Bridal

What type of service did you experience? Alteration

What did Elizabeth do to reassure and calm your concerns?
When I wrote to Elizabeth by email I explained my concerns and she got back to me right away. She told me immediately that there was plenty of time and that she would be able to handle the project. We arranged for a consultation meeting and it was clear at that meeting that she knew what she was doing. As soon as I met her I knew that I had been misled by the other seamstress and that everything would be fine.

What did you enjoy most about your experience at Labl?
Elizabeth was always professional and told me up front what all the work would entail and what the costs would be. She encouraged me to bring up any concerns or questions so I would feel comfortable with the process. She finished every step of the work on schedule and once she got started I never had any doubt that my dress would be ready on time and that the work would be well done. This was a huge weight off my shoulders as I had a lot of other things to organize.

What did you learn about yourself through this experience?
Prior to working with Elizabeth, I had no experience having any clothing made or altered by a professional seamstress. I knew very little about the process and really needed someone who could talk me through it and ask the right questions. I was really happy Elizabeth could be that expert for me. She dealt with me graciously at all times and never made me feel inexperienced or silly.

What advice would you offer future clients?
Elizabeth was wonderful and was always approachable about any questions or issues. Any client who works with her should feel free to express their thoughts and opinions and never be afraid to ask questions.

General Comments:
Working with Elizabeth was a wonderful experience and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a seamstress for any reason. I will definitely go to her again if I need anything made or altered.