Kristen Schmalz

Looking back on our wedding pictures from one year ago yesterday, I have nothing but amazing memories. I still love my dress and loved it so much that day, that I felt compelled to write a review for Elizabeth.

I wanted an all lace dress with sleeves, and after looking at many bridal stores in the GTA, including Kleinfeld, the selection was very slim. I found a picture of a couture dress that I liked and thought that I would search out some seamstresses and see what they had to say about making a similar dress. Some emailed back a short reply and said yes, no problem I can make that. Some didn’t reply or sent me pictures of different styles that they thought I would like. Elizabeth sent me a detailed reply, which showed she was actually thinking through the details of such a dress and said can I call you and we can talk more about it. I called her the next day, and from our first conversation, I could tell that we would get along and that this was a person who thoroughly knew her stuff. I set up a meeting with her shortly thereafter.

I met Elizabeth at her studio in her home and we talked more about details and price. She was always very thorough and detailed in her explanations of how the dress would be constructed, the materials, and the cost. She always made sure that I was comfortable and we had discussed and agreed on everything before we moved on to the next step. She provided samples of lace for me to choose from and constructed a muslin prototype that I liked as soon as I tried it on. Knowing that the first step was going in the direction I wanted and that Elizabeth was able to create what I was looking for, was very comforting…because having a dress made from scratch has a lot of unknowns until the final product is finished. I met with Elizabeth about once a month for 8 months or so, which was great because every time we met I could add or change things if I wanted to, and she would explain the different steps of constructing the dress as we went along. We also had time to chat and get to know each other a bit during our visits, and Elizabeth’s friendly and knowledgeable approach made each visit a pleasure.

I felt extremely comfortable asking questions, or making changes to my dress as we went along and, Elizabeth always accommodated my requests. If I wanted something that was going to cost a little more, she always let me know and explained why. She gave me options as well if I wanted to try to save a bit of money. I also lost about 25lbs before my wedding and Elizabeth kept on taking my dress in as my size changed, no problem.

My finished dress was everything I could have asked for, and more. The details on the dress are incredible. The dress had snaps on the back, but Elizabeth cut the lace in such a way to completely cover the snaps and blend in seamlessly with the lace pattern. Even the inside of the dress was finished with beautiful details, no raw edges or ragged hems. She made a bustle for my train that was pretty, easy to tie, and strong enough to hold up all that lace all night. The dress was cut just right for me, the right length for walking in my wedding shoes, the neckline not too low but not too high, and the bodice fitted but comfortable enough to move and dance. I also absolutely loved my veil, which was cathedral length and trimmed all around the edge in the same lace as my dress. Elizabeth hand cut and stitched the lace around the veil so it looked just right, and attached a comb that held everything securely in place in my hair. She also altered one of my sister’s bridesmaid’s dresses that she ordered online, and took it apart and made it fit perfectly.

If I had bought a similar dress and veil from a retail store or couture designer, I have no doubt I would have paid double what I paid Elizabeth. The quality of work, the amount of meetings we had, the attention to detail, the continuous alterations because of weight loss, was incredible and I feel that I got amazing value for my money. I also got a one of a kind dress and veil, and that is something special.

If you have a certain dress or style in mind, and you are having a tough time finding it in stores or in your budget, please do not hesitate to contact Elizabeth. You will be very happy you did, and I am so happy I found her and she gave me the dress and veil I always dreamed of. Thank you Elizabeth, you are truly talented and deserve the title of best seamstress in Toronto!

I wish I could post pictures with my review so I could share my beautiful dress and veil