Your child is getting married. What are you to wear? To the shower? To the rehearsal dinner? To the wedding itself? Labl Couture can be sure to have you looking your best on each occasion. We have an excellent reputation for working with the mothers of our brides and grooms. Your experience with us should feel effortless. We understand the specific needs of mothers and will have you looking your best. Labl Couture will make sure that the perfect dress will take shape in front of your eyes.


Bespoke Design

Let us provide you with an experience, where the stresses of finding, shopping and altering the dress are taken away. Look to the Labl experience to have the perfect dress for your figure, your style and your personality professionally and lovingly made just for you.
Bespoke dresses take no longer than 3-6 months because of our specialized custom service. A full muslin is fabricated and fitted before we begin work on the final version of the dress to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your fit and design. No elements are left to chance.


These little adjustments to your dress in; the shortening of a hem, the refitting of a bodice, the change of a strap or zipper can make often make all the difference. At Labl we want you looking your best. Through the course of your private fittings with Elizabeth, the fit and the look of your dress are perfected so you can look your best.
Sometimes a dress needs more than a small adjustment. Proportion is vital to your silhouette. Whether your dress needs to be re-sized or the complexities of its structure call for it to be deconstructed; Labl Couture is your trusted professional with the most delicate of designs.

Unparalleled Experience

Trust yourself to the unparalleled experience at Labl. During you personal and private fittings with Elizabeth your satisfaction is our utmost concern. Relax in the comfort of knowing you will look your best. Be assured of the quality and craftsmanship you will experience in the most professional and timely manner.