Step into your own private experience. With each and every appointment you are the focus of of Elizabeth’s undivided attention. Working one on one, with your personal couturière; these appointments are essential to the transformation of your dreams and desires into your unique gown.

Your Personal Couturière

Fail to plan then plan to fail; an old axxiom but one every bride might seek to benefit from. There is a lot to know in preparing a wedding, including how to find the perfect gown. At a time, when you should be enjoying the love that surrounds you, let Labl help in getting you prepared for all the details you are about to face in shopping for what will likely be the single greatest expense of your life. Before venturing outto find your gown, girlfriends and chanpagne in hand, Labl encourages every bride to join us for a consultation about all the details you will want and need to know.


– One-to-one consult
– Private environment
– Individual approach
– Development of a cohesive plan, vision & costs
– Create a foundation for your relationship with you couturière


– Personal perspective
– Individual approach regarding concerns, questions
– Putting you at ease
– Unique design


As designer, technician and artist your couturière provides the utmost in
– budget assurance
– fittings
– deadline commitment
– proposed schedule plan for success
– ensures peace of mind