Labl loves its brides, for this reason, we are only too happy catering to your bridesmaids. Labl’s Bridesmaid service is as unique as the vision you have for your wedding. This allows you to rest assured that all the details you have chosen for your wedding are in very capable hands. Let us help plan the look, shape, feel and budget of your wedding entourage.


Perfecting the Fit

Your bridesmaids are beautiful, strong and a testament to you. Choosing the perfect dress to compliment the ladies that best compliment you is important. Let Labl help you in developing the right look and budget for your bridesmaids.


Be it a coulour scheme, a specific type of imagery, or that perfectly planned chaos, your wedding day will be captured in images and memories that will last a lifetime. Look to Labl and its extensive experience to carry your theme while carefully considering the unique needs of each individual bridesmaid.

Custom Creation

As a bride, you have enough to worry about with the planning of your wedding. Worrying about your bridesmaids dresses is not something you should have to do beyond choosing your theme. At Labl, we make sure to deal with bridesmaid’s dresses directly with the bridesmaids. Your experience with us should feel effortless. We understand the specific needs of brides and are committed to maintaining the vision you have for your wedding. Labl Studio will make sure that the perfect dress (or dresses) will take shape to your expectations while conforming to your bridesmaid’s needs.